Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Advantages of Information Technology in Business

Advantages of Information Technology in Business - greater efficiency

The main advantage of implementation and to improve the technology information in a business is the increased efficiency that port. The companies are built around all types of processes, and many of these processes are repetitive, slow and tedious for people to play. Computer and systems can be designed and manufactured to perform these processes based on business rules stricter - processes such as call recording service desk, file storage, or customer records management. These tasks could actually be done by people, but the computers and systems may perform a more precise (if designed well) and much faster than most people could. This brings us right next to the benefit of information technology in business ...

Work more useful and relevant for employees

We human beings are fantastic creatures. We have a highly developed brain, capable of making complex decisions and improve our standard of living. There should be no need to spend our time performing repetitive work that computers can do for us. Many automated tasks can and should be done by computer systems. All you would need to do is to provide input, the system should then do the treatment, and to provide an output. This would free up our time and allow us to perform a more relevant, such as building activity reports, make decisions, develop ideas, and provide customer service - things that are hard for computer systems to do!

To improve management decision making

One of the most useful features and advantages of information technology is to store large amounts of data. Years and years of individual records of customers, transactions, movements of data and updates are stored across enterprise systems. These data can be used, aggregated, analyzed and displayed in almost any format imaginable, to allow employees to make better decisions about their company. The data can show trends of customers, financial analysis, the response time of the system, profitable customers, everything that has been stored can be displayed in a suitable format. This allows employees - both analysts and management - to look at these data and make decisions on it to improve society and provide better service.

Improve service to customers

Over the years, information technology in enterprises has improved to the point where it has helped to provide a better service to customers. This can be measured in many ways - reduction of the waiting time for customers in composition, more accurate information being provided to the customers for their accounts, faster delivery times for products and services, better information management and how to apply it to a customer. All these points can be attributed to the benefits of information technology in business.

I know that often calls to my service provider / bank / insurance company or any other company that incoming calls. Over the years, they have improved their systems to allow better call routing, call screening, account information and integration so that they are able to solve my problem and answer my question easier and faster of what they might have in the past.


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